is intelligence having fun.

Using a very complementary style, the Girlgang artists draw, paint, laugh, and create new humorous, sassy codes that are always on the cutting edge.

Every day new prints are added to the collections, which are principally used in France and the United States. In their ultra-colourful collections, Girlgang presents an great variety of styles: surprising tropical motifs, powerfully contrasting abstracts, and fun, modern conversational prints.


lives in the South of France. Her colorful, hand-drawn designs are inspired by her love for nature and animals, with a touch of fun​​. She has a quite naive style with a modern color palette.

She worked in the textile industry for 10 years.


is a Paris-based surface pattern designer. After 15 years in the textile industry, she drove her own children clothes brand for 5 years. She has a love for contrast, strong accents in black and white as well as subtle color ranges, both bold and soft patterns. A rough yet modern universe.



Merci !


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